How it works: Business registration in the Netherlands

25 März 2020

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Many foreign entrepreneurs are considering a business registration in the Netherlands but are held back by the fact that they don’t know how it works. Intercompany Solutions offers help for those who wish to take the leap, but miss the knowledge and experience a language barrier in Holland. Intercompany Solutions specializes in assisting and guiding foreign entrepreneurs that wish to set up a company in the Netherlands. Wether it concerns a new business registration in the Netherlands or moving an existing one to Holland, they can help you with the paperwork and setting everything up. Even though almost 90% of the Dutch populations speaks English (which is one of the reasons many entrepreneurs prefer Holland over any other European country) the majority of the forms to start a business need to be filled in in Dutch. That’s impossible to do for those who don’t speak the language, and that’s where Intercompany Solutions helps you out. Not only will they be your translator though, they also advise you on the business formation you might want to choose. The system of business registration in the Netherlands might work slightly different from the one in your own country, so finding a professional partner that can help you and advise you in the process sure makes it a lot easier.

All-in-service for business registration in Netherlands

Intercompany Solutions really offers an all-in-service when it comes to a business registration in the Netherlands. And it How it works: Business registration in the Netherlandsdoesn’t stop there. You can hire them to help you with all of the following matters:

  • Opening a business bank account
  • Getting a Dutch VAT number
  • Accounting and administration
  • Local regulation permits
  • Buying (investing in) real estate

As you can see that already covers pretty much all the steps of a business registration in the Netherlands. And did you know they are also available for advise and guidance while doing your taxes? The Dutch tax system is quite complicated, and usually hard to understand for foreign entrepreneurs. Intercompany Solutions will explain everything and help you benefit from the system. They will break it down to you and help you find your bearings in the Dutch tax system. 

Why choose Holland for your new business?

When you wish to start (or move) a business in/to the European Union it might be difficult to choose between the wide variety of countries. Like mentioned above, many people eventually choose for a business registration in the Netherlands because such a big part of the Dutch population speaks English. It won’t be hard to find employees that speak English, which – since communication is often the key to succes – is a big advantage of our tiny country. But Holland offers more advantages when you compare it to other European countries. We have an extensive and well-operating infrastructure. Our public transport system will take you almost everywhere, and we have several well-functioning airports, which makes it easy for you to fly in whenever you need. This makes the setup of your business registration in the Netherlands easy to accomplish. Last but not least: the amount of bilingual people and expats is very high in Holland, which will make you feel instantly at home. Looking for even more reasons why you should move your company to the Netherlands? Check the many blogposts Intercompany Solutions has written about it!

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