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10 Mai 2016

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eversagro - Tillage machinesIt is hard to mention tillage machines without mentioning the name Evers. This company is known for its variety of equipment often used in agriculture. Farmers of these days do not know how they can keep their land in good condition without using one of the machinery. Of course, when you invest in tillage machines, you want to be sure you use the best of all. With the equipment of Evers, you are sure. Luckily, Evers offers a great variety of devices for all kinds of activities. So farmers who own a company for several kinds of products, it is possible to invest in more than one of the products of Evers. This is why it’s important to mention that Evers stands for variety, quality and knowledge. Started as a blacksmith, the company of Johann Evers is know well known for the machinery for agriculture, steel structures and installation works. The tillage machines are part of the agriculture section named Evers Agro. Tillage machines offers by Evers Agro are:

  • Subsoilers
  • Cultivators
  • Slurry Injectors
  • Grassland Maintenance
  • Drilling

These are just the categories the company is specialized in. Within each category are several machines available. For grassland maintenance you can choose between different tillage machines suitable for the conditions and characteristics for your grassland. If you need equipment for drilling, you can choose between two kinds of machines. They differ in possibilities in widths and the amount of outlets in the machines. Not all categories have the same amount of products. If you can’t find the information you need you can ask an advisor for more information about the machine. Or explain for what kind of activities the tillage machines are used for. Sometimes it is even possible to combine products to establish the best and intended result. Which is only advantageous for your farm.

Find the tillage machines for every circumstance 

The soil is one area that needs careful maintenance. It endures a lot of different circumstances like heavy weather or other activities with tillage machines not only meant for the soil itself. One of these results is compaction. To prevent or solve this is using appliances like subsoilers. Evers Agro has the following kinds to offer:

  • Timor
  • Java
  • Sumba
  • Bali
  • Holsteiner

They differ in kind of tractor output and subsoiling performance. On the website of Evers Agro you can read the technical data of equipment and you can also watch photo’s and video’s if you prefer. The amount of information offers the possibility for every customer to choose the best equipment suitable for the soil on which the farm is established. Some types are also available in different subtypes. For example, the subsoiler Java is available in the following versions: Java Fixed Frame, Java Hydraulic Folding and Java Auto-reset. Another genre of tillage machines Evers Agro is specialized in is cultivators. Evers has divided this category in two groups:

  • Machinery with rigid tines
  • Machinery with spring tines

When tillage machines are used with rigid tines, the cultivation can be executed deeper. The kind of equipment you choose is dependent of the kind of cultivation it’s meant for. Types of cultivators the company offers are:

  • Rigid Tine Cultivatios
  • Multi-purpose Cultivators
  • Stubble Cultivators
  • Spring tine cultivators
  • Trailed cultivators

Characteristics like tine spacing, working width and frame clearances differ per version. You can choose one of the offered types or contact Evers with the request to produce a specialized machine suitable for your farm. With the addition of extra equipment you can optimize the product perfectly. Additional product Evers Agro offers are tube roller, depth control wheels and a hydraulic lifting device.

Quality and knowledge for tillage machines

Each of the tillage machines of Evers Agro is produced with the best knowledge. The first tillage machines they produced were the subsoilers. It was the start of the agricultural machinery followed by the steel constructions and installation works. Machines they made were meant for plumbing, heating and electrical installations. In the eighties the product range was expanded and produced in collaboration with the end users. So you can say that within each machine, a lot of knowledge, experience and dedication are processed. Because of this process, agricultural users prefer to buy their machinery at this company where so much experience and dedication is present in the quality of their tillage machines. Even if the kind of equipment is not available, it is still possible to construct a suitable one with of the additional products. Before investing in one the great agricultural equipment, you can browse on the website of Evers Agro to see what they have to offer. Besides the kinds of tillage machines, the various types are posted online along with their product descriptions and characteristics. The website offers the customer lots of information about the machinery. If needed you can request a custom made product. For this you can contact the company for advice and possibilities. When you purchase one of the tillage machines at this company, you don’t only purchase quality and knowledge but you also invest in the future of your own company. European regulations and requirements for the future are also included and considered in the production of the machinery. Especially in the agricultural field, these considerations are necessary for the conservation of the agricultural quality. Contact Evers Agro if you want to invest in the future of your farm with one of their best subsoilers or slurry injectors.

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