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9 Mai 2016

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overdrivestraps - guitar strapsDid you just learn to play the guitar and you want some rocking guitar straps? Overdrive Straps has just the thing for you! On their website,, you can find dozens of exciting guitar straps that will help you perform the best you can. With seatbelt straps, retro fabric straps and full leather straps this site always has something that will suit your style. Playing with guitar straps has several main advantages to playing without. Why should u use guitar straps?

  • Keep your guitar safe
  • Really get into the music
  • No need to relearn the positions

First and foremost, playing with guitar straps helps to keep your guitar safe and therefore you should always consider it. Playing with a strap means that you can focus on playing, rather than keeping the guitar up in the air, which means you can really crank out those notes! When you are playing with an expensive guitar, sometimes you might feel like you have to be really careful. If you drop the guitar you will be in some deep trouble so you best hang on to it. Of course, playing carefully always effects your performance. People will hear you are “holding back” and will comment on you doing so. When you play with guitar straps you can be sure nothing will happen to your guitar. It will always be in the same position it was a second ago, giving you the best grip to really show the crowd what you are made of! When you play with guitar straps you can give it everything you’ve got. In some styles this is way more important than others. For example, if you are playing country songs, you might even consider playing without straps. The emotion you can put into the song by moving the guitar might be more beneficial than playing perfectly. However, when you are playing rock songs, things need to be loud. You need to be loud, your guitar needs to be loud, everything needs to be loud! You can only truly shine when you use guitar straps to hold back the guitar and keep it out of harm’s way. The best guitar straps are bought at Overdrive Straps. When you go to this website you instantly get in depth knowledge on the entire collections, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Make your dreams come true and start playing some serious guitar, order a strap today!

Guitar straps when seated

Some people struggle with guitar straps when they are seated. This is no surprise, as the length of the cord can greatly influence your play while seated or while standing up. There are several different arguments being made here on whether you should play with a strap or without. First and foremost, remember that playing with or without a strap is your own choice: if you don’t like it, don’t use it. It is important not to let other musicians influence you, you should try to find your own style. Of course, you can listen to advice from people that have been playing a lot in the past. When it comes to the seating issue, several great artists claim that you can’t use a strap. It would supposedly limit your freedom and prevent any real changes in your play. It would tone your music down so to say. However, there are others that actually claim you should use guitar straps. What is being said about this is that when you learn to play with a strap when seated, you don’t have to relearn everything when you stand up. As the fingers will be in the same positions they were previously, you can play just the way you want to. It is important to balance the strap and make sure that, when standing up, the length of the strap remains the same. This is a tricky balance, as many guitar players tend to bend forward a bit when sitting down. You will have to find a position that works for you, while at the same time paying close attention to the guitar straps. Luckily, guitar straps come in all shapes in sizes, there will always be one that is just right. You can design your own guitar strap, applying a custom image or some cool colours, to really make it yours. Also make sure you get the right materials. Some musicians like to play with leather straps, others prefer other materials. As with all instruments, pick what you like and do your best!

Order today, start rocking tomorrow!

It only takes a few nights from an idea to become reality. In the same way, it only takes a few nights to start rocking with your guitar straps! You can select several styles to begin with and work your way up, buying more expensive straps if you feel like it or just sticking to basic material. Whatever you choose to do, you can find all your guitar straps at Here, you will find straps in all shapes and sizes, if you can’t succeed here you won’t anywhere else! Pay a quick visit to the site to determine what product suits you and if you are willing to pay the price. Any questions, there are professional employees standing by to answer all of them. Unleash the music you have in your heart, order today!

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