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16 April 2020

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This time of the year is perfect. Spring is in the air, everybody is happy and everybody wants to be on pictures. We are currently in a weird time of the year, because of the crisis that Corona has caused. You can think of this situation in a bad way or in a good way. The good way is what we want to write about. We do believe that in every situation, it is the best to be positive. And that is exactly why you can think of starting a new hobby. When there is a crisis, there is so much room to start a new hobby, like photography. Do you want to learn the basics and do you want to learn about the industrial camera? Read with us and we hope that you will learn the basics of photography and the industrial camera. This camera is a perfect first camera to start your new hobby with. And of course, practice makes perfect. Allright, will you read with us?

What are the basics of the industrial camera?

The basics of the industrial camera are the following. Cameras are always a good choice, but this type of camera is a special one. It has been developed and it has been made better and better over the past few years. The camera are used in amongst others the following areas:

  • Factory Automation
  • Medical and Life Sciences
  • Retail 

    This type of cameras nowadays are found in a variety of areas, especially in production monitoring and a range of measurement tasks that are complicated sometimes. Digital industrial cameras are more robust than the standard digital cameras that are used for vacation photos. And there are more differences. The image quality in a industrial camera is often higher than normal cameras and has a lot more functions than normal cameras. Quality over quantity. It is also nice to know more about the application. How does it work? 

Application photography and modelling

The application photography and modelling is the following. A day in the life of a model looks like this. You can do this kind of thing if you have mastered the industrial camera functions. The day starts at eight o’clock. Your breakfast with a little yogurt. No muesli, because you have to be photographed and then you prefer to be thin. If you want you can also add some fruit. Then you go by car to Amsterdam, because there you will have to take your picture. First you go in the makeup and they will look for a suitable outfit for you. Meanwhile the photographer will warm up the industrial camera and take some test shots. Then the real work will start. If you decided to work for that model, you can make that pictures and if you practiced enough with the camera, you will never have to be afraid that the photos are not good enough, because the quality of the photos is good, we can guarantee that. Mainly because this camera is one of the best cameras there is. So: light, camera, action!

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