Do you want to start a BV as company?

25 Januar 2021

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To start a BV as a company – in case you consider doing that, there are a lot of things that you have to get to know. That is why we are here, because we want to tell you what you have to know. Of course, intercompany solutions is there for you as well. We will introduce them at the end of this blog. Will you read with us?

Do you want to start a BV as company?

What should I know before I start a BV as a company?

There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration before you start a company, in particular a BV as a company. Of course we are here to inform you, in order to prevent you to read the wrong information, because there is indeed a lot of wrong information about the BV as company. The abbreviation BV stands for private limited company, in case you didn’t already know. So since about 1970, the meaning of private company is the name of a type of business. A partnership means that it is a company that can consist of several owners, which is the case with a BV. The BV is closed, because the shares that represent the ownership are not freely tradable. The meaning of a company or partner is as follows.

‘Company’ and ‘partners’ , which is the name of the owners of the company, are old words that are not used much anymore in everyday life. They only recur in various types of business enterprises, because this is how it is legally described. In addition, a company describes a A commercial enterprise in which the ownership can be divided among several partners. In a BV this can also be one – all shares can be owned by a partner – but it is also possible that there are multiple shareholders.

The BV is a private company because you cannot just give the shares to someone else. It is legally established who owns it, regardless of who owns it or uses it. Similar to a house or car. You can’t just give these away either, but must have them transferred. Incidentally, BVs themselves can relax the conditions or make them stricter, via their own articles of association. In addition, it has also been legally established that this is how it works. Thus it says nothing about the openness or closedness of the company. Incidentally, it is a legal form in the form of a legal entity.

Intercompany Solutions: an introduction

We have come at the end of this article: it is now time to get to know Intercompany Solutions. Who are they, what do they stand for and what can they do for you? You will find that (and more!) out in this part of the article. If you want to start a BV as company, then you have to know that they are headquartered in the heart of Rotterdam. This is in the Netherlands. They offer high quality services and are for entrepreneurs from over the whole world. Also want to start a BV as a company? Start today! 

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