A bodemvochtmeter helps you involve your business

12 Dezember 2018

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A damp soil can have consequences for the agricultural sector. With a bodemvochtmeter you can monitor the moisture so that you know how to jump into the situation. A bodemvochtmeter can help you boost your business, while without a bodemvochtmeter you may not know why your agricultural products are no longer growing or growing too fast. We at FactoryLab are happy to help you with a bodemvochtmeter, where our specialists perform a periodic check to see how your soil stands for. Do not wait, but find out what the possibilities are for your company and how you can improve your soil.

Check your soil every day with a bodemvochtmeter

A bodemvochtmeter can help you improve your business. By carrying out a periodic inspection, you know what to look out for in the future. At FactoryLab we give you advice about the bodemvochtmeter and what you can do after you have had the test result. You can easily place and read a bodemvochtmeter yourself, but you can also leave this to specialists. If you place a bodemvochtmeter yourself, you can check your soil every day. If you have this done by a specialist, we can arrange a period in which we come to look at the state of affairs. You can put a bodemvochtmeter in the ground near a plant or crops. The bodemvochtmeter then automatically shows when your plants or crops need water. This is how you know:

  • When your soil is too dry
  • When your soil is just too wet
  • When your plants and crops need water to be able to grow optimally again.

Certainly in the agricultural sector it is important that the soil is well watered. Not only will your crops grow better, your customers will also be amazed by the end result. Your plants and crops therefore appear larger, greener and healthier, without the need for pesticides. The natural growth gives you a greater reach in your customer base and your reputation in the area and perhaps throughout the Netherlands is growing considerably.

Fast and efficient in solving problems

FactoryLab is your specialist in soil humidification. We have a wide range of products to improve and maintain your agricultural business. Through our years of experience, we know everything about the latest developments within the market. That is why we can always respond quickly and efficiently to problems and we come up with targeted solutions. In addition to our meters, we also have a large range of other products and services. We not only provide meters for your soil, but also for gas and energy. That way you always know what to look out for when running your business. We can advise you at all times about our products and services. On our website you will find more information about everything we have to offer. We hope that you have sufficient information about our products and services with this information. Would you like more information about our working method, our services or are you interested in one of our products? You can always contact us using the contact details on our website. Our employees are happy to help you answer all your questions and provide you with advice. You can also sign up for our newsletter. So you are always up to date with the latest news. We hope to see you soon in our customer base.  

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